We Heart Arts – Awesomebet

  • Posted on 14th April 2013,
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This is a piece of artwork I’ve recently produced for We Heart Arts, they are a young persons creative arts (non-profit) organistion looking to change the world through music, posters, gigs, books and more.

Their recent project called AWESOMEBET involved 26 designers to take a letter from the alphabet and design an A3 heavyweight print about what they thought was awesome. 100% of the monies made from the project will go towards the creation or sustainment of young peoples creative arts projects wherever it’s needed.

Once all 26 posters are completed they’ll be turning the project in to an alphabet book for kids (and giving away a free copy to a school for every five that we sell).

This was such a great project to work on and will hopefully raise lots of money from this awesome project!

Check out www.weheartarts.com/news for further designs & www.weheartarts.bigcartel.com/product/f-is-for for my design on sale!